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48 Carter Road,
Princeton NJ 08540


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English Language Arts

English Language Arts classes are organized by different levels. Students will be grouped into similar skill levels in-order to maximize efficiency. No student will be required to follow the course that doesn't match their own level.

English Language Arts curriculum is built on New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

English - Princeton Ririxin School

Chinese Language Arts

PRS Ririxin school adopts Chinese teaching materials written by Ririxin School, helping students learn Chinese reading and writing with ease and experience the beauty of Chinese culture.

Princeton Ririxin School


Math at PRS is based on the math curriculum of the Khan Academy, Singapore Math and AoPS and is supplemented by fun math activities ensuring an enjoyable learning experience and excellent efficiency.


Playing chess trains student's in logical thinking, strategy, problem solving skills, self- discipline, and visual memory. It encourages students to win and teaches them how to face setbacks.

Princeton Ririxin School

Computer Programming & Robotics

The school provide various kinds of 'Fun with Science' courses including 3-D printing, Rockets, and Lego Robotics, etc. The team 'Robot Corp' at PRS participated in the FLL tournament qualifying rounds in North Jersey and advanced with the highest field score and highest total score.

Princeton Ririxin School

Princeton Ririxin School Onsite Class

Princeton ririxin school class video (

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