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Princeton NJ 08540


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PRS Admission

PRS welcome families that want to be deeply involved in the online and on-site education system. We believe that rigorous, individualized education content should be the center of learning programs. We offer our students personalized learning rather than standardized learning. We also think that experience in social activities should be equally as impressive for students as classroom learning.

We offer real time, interactive online classes for students to reach their full academic potential, we also offer live on-site programs, and social activities for students to build their communication skills, to work together, and to serve the globally connected world.

We group students in different academic classes by their abilities, not by their ages.

We encourage you to join our whole year curriculum (online classes, on-site classes, and on-campus programs), or you could select one of our online classes, on-site classes, and on-campus programs according to your needs. Before we could accept you to join our extraordinary array of curriculums, we would require your student to take some tests and finish a questionnaire to make sure your choice is meaningful for your educational goals.

Schedule A Private Tour

Schedule a tour of our campus or call (609) 896-1290 to experience the Princeton Ririxin School educational advantage!

For more information, please contact us at

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