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48 Carter Road,
Princeton NJ 08540


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Princeton Ririxin School

Princeton Ririxin School, founded in May 2016, is a branch of the Ririxin School in Beijing.

Princeton Ririxin School (PRS) provides an outstanding curriculum for students and offers a challenging academic environment in its online classes, campus programs, and onsite activities. We make a great effort to help our students grow into people who excel in academics, and are open-minded and responsible members of society. We serve families who want their children to have a multicultural perspective of our ever-changing world.

We believe that education should always shape students from anywhere, at any time, and in anything they do.

Online, On campus and Onsite

Online, On campus & Onsite

Online: Our high-quality, progressive online academic classes offer students opportunities to pursue academic excellence and intellectual maturity.

On campus: Our Princeton campus offer rigorous academic programs such as Debate, Robotics, Language Arts, Math Competition, Chess, Arts, etc. Through the inspiring programs, students work with each other to encourage collaboration and progress gradually. They experience success both in academics and in life.

Onsite: We have diverse programs including visits to museums, labs, companies and factories. We also have public speaking and debate about diversified topics. In addition, we offer various social activities to experience the true world. Education not only takes place in the classroom, but also happens all around us in everyday lives. Education is not only academic learning, but also life experience.

Our Programs

Language Arts Sports Chess
Science Lab Robotics & Programming Museums & Historical Sites

Our Campus

Our campus is located near the intersection of Route 206 and Carter Road, 4 miles west from Princeton University, a 5- minute drive from US Route 1.

Playgroud Building Classroom

Interested? Schedule a campus tour!

Schedule a tour of our campus or call (609) 896-1290 to experience the Princeton Ririxin School educational advantage!

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