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48 Carter Road,
Princeton NJ 08540


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STEAM Summer School Flyer

Summer Programs at Princeton Ririxin School

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Exploring the world of Robotics!

Princeton Ririxin School (PRS) is committed to providing the best STEAM education for children aged 5-14, inspiring children's curiosity, learning, and creativity. At PRS we challenge students with an authentic, hands-on exploration into the world of robotics as they engage in:

Imagining . Designing . Constructing . Testing . Observing . Persevering . Learning

Our Belief

  • Interest and curiosity are the most basic motivations for learning. The art of education is to awaken the curiosity of the child so that they can pursue knowledge for themselves.
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge; the attempt is more important than the outcome; cooperation is more important than ability; and happiness is more important than achievement.
  • Growth is not only about the study of knowledge, but also about an interest in continuous learning and exploration.

Our Goals

  • To cultivate curiosity and excitement for learning
  • To develop the ability and find resources to self-study
  • To process information systematically and rationally
  • To nurture creativity
  • To gain attention, focus, control and resilience in the face of challenging tasks
  • To encourage teamwork and communication skills
  • To be able to bounce back from failure


Summer School: July 8 - August 16, 6 Weeks. Full Day: 9:00am-5:00pm

Open House: Apr.12(FRI), Apr.13(SAT), May 5(SUN)

STEAM Summer School Flyer

Summer School Registration Form

Pay by Check

Check payable to ‘Princeton Ririxin School’, please mail your payment to 48 Carter Road, Princeton, NJ 08540.

Pay by Paypal

PRS Summer School
Summer School: July 8 - August 16, Full Day: 9:00am-5:00pm
USD 585.00
Registration Fee
USD 25.00
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STEAM Summer School Flyer

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